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[CALBIRDS] A new resource for birders:

[CALBIRDS] A new resource for birders:
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From: Linus Blomqvist <linus.blomqvist@…>
Date: Sat, Jan 14, 2023 at 1:21 PM
Subject: [CALBIRDS] A new resource for birders:
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Cc: Conor Mcmahon <conormcmahon22@…>, Ken Ostermiller <ken.ostermiller@…>, Adam Jackson <akjackson1@…>
Hi all,

I wanted to draw your attention to a fantastic new resource for birders called This is a wiki-style website where anyone can contribute photos and descriptions for eBird hotspots. Every entry has tips for birding, birds of interest, and a section with general information about the location. For an example, see the description for Refugio State Beach in Santa Barbara County. 
If you’ve never birded a location before, this resource can be indispensable, as it gives you all the tips you need for where to go, what to look for, as well as – for many hotspots – a little bit of the natural history of the site (see e.g. Baron Ranch Trail). When there are multiple adjacent hotspots, you can include a map with the boundaries, so that people know where to use which hotspot (see Devereux Slough). There’s also a function to create groups of hotspots that are in the same general vicinity, so you can get an overview of where to go and what to expect in the different locations. Examples, again from Santa Barbara County, include the Figueroa Mountain area and Cuyama Valley.
The website was created by Ken Ostermiller and Adam Jackson and each county has one or more admins that approve suggestions. The coverage was recently extended to California, and the first county to get started was Santa Barbara, where there are now over 100 complete entries.
Contributing is easy. On the page for each hotspot, there are buttons for “suggest edit” and “upload photos.” Your contribution can be a few sentences with some logistical tips, or something longer. Uploading a photo just takes a couple of clicks.
I hope the coverage can extend to more parts of California to help more local and out-of-state birders. If you are keen on this project, consider applying to become an admin by filling in the contact form here. This mostly involves approving edits and cleaning up text in places. Conor McMahon (cc’d) and I are admins for Santa Barbara County. I’ve found that it’s not a lot of work, and I get great satisfaction from seeing new entries being created.
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me, Ken, or Adam (cc’d).
Linus Blomqvist
Goleta, CA