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BVAS / Grande Pelagic trip Sunday 10-21-18

Hello Birders,

I hope your fall migration is going well. We certainly have had some interesting sightings lately. Pelagic trips have been no

exception. Two Red-footed Boobies on our August pelagic as an example. Ventura's pelagic recently had five species of

 boobies. Unheard of,  congratulations Dave Pereksta and crew.

Locally we have had a decent fall  for Least Storm-Petrel,  Brown, Masked and Nazca Boobies, Craveri's Murrelets,

Long-tailed Jaeger, among others. The August trip had a Laysan Albatross, the Sept. trip a Red-billed Tropicbird.

We now expect some of the later fall seabirds, and with recent strong hurricanes to our south….who knows what could

show up!

Sunday Oct. 21st is our last scheduled pelagic for 2018 out of San Diego. The trip is going and the passenger load is light.

Right now the NOAA marine weather and seas forecast is excellent. We depart H & M Landing in San Diego Bay to sail to

the Thirty Mile Bank, and other local waters around San Diego co. and we may briefly bird some of L.A. county.

The trip departs promptly at 7 a.m. Check in starts at 6:15 a.m. We will return before 7 p.m.

I hope you'll join us. Call 619 222-1144 or for a reservation. Late sign up is $150.

Dave Povey



Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports