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Busy yard day in North Park

I don't post much anymore about the yard and not for common birds but we just had a great little flurry in out very small back yard.  A few of you have been here before to know just how small our yard is but we've really tried hard to make it a bird yard.  This morning, we had an adult male Bullock's and a female Black-headed, but just now, the flurry happened.  We had a younger Bullocks Oriole, along with what might be all 3 of our young Hooded Orioles that were with us well into the fall last year, and adult looking female Hooded and an adult male Hooded, all in our tiny yard at the same time.  The yard has been busy with Jay's, Bewick's Wrens and Mockingbirds grabbing mealworms for their young.  We've even had as many as 3 Bullock's, with Wilson's Warblers and a Townsends.  I won't post beyond this, just wanted to add some cheer to our quarantine days.
Mark Stratton
North Park

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