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Burrowing Parakeets in Hillcrest

12:09 pm

About 11:15-11:30 am Monday, 10/30, I got some very close views of four Burrowing Parrots circling between Crestwood Lane and Indiana Street in Hillcrest. 18 inches from beak to tail-tip, long, pointed tail, mostly dusky olive above, conspicuous yellow rumps and bellies with darker reddish patch center belly, lighter grayish chest, conspicuous white eye patch on an otherwise gray/olive face/head.

They were homing in on the large, thick-trunked date palm near 3681 Indiana Street, just south of Robinson. They were still in the palm (audible, not visible) when I went inside at 11:30am.

Caron Andregg
Hillcrest, San Diego, CA