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Buff breasted Sandpiper access

Ok, I just checked it out and one can see the bird from the side of de La plaza Road or whatever the name of the road is that goes from the main dairy Mart Pond Southeast toward the San ysidro outlet mall. Drive down the road and go to the far end of where the metal fencing blocks your view of the sod farm and Dan jehl is standing there with a scope keeping an eye on the bird. there is no legal parking whatsoever on the road but you could quickly stop where Dan is standing put on your flashers jump out see the bird for 5 seconds and then jump back in your car and find legal parking which is a quarter mile back the way you came in off Bibler. The buff breast is with about 30 killdeer.

Under no circumstances should anyone drive out onto the sod farm property especially with numbers of cars. if anyone does not follow these instructions there will be serious repercussions about sharing bird news in the future.

Paul Lehman, Dan Diego

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports