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Buff breast update, black Swift major flight, new Lucy's in Plumbeous and Hammonds

After being scared away two different times since noon, the buff breasted Sandpiper is currently, 3pm, in the northernmost patch of sod with the main killdeer flock and more easily visible from along Camino de La plaza where there is no fence in the way and there's just a few scattered bushes, not very far down the road from the stop sign at dairy mart. Still no legal parking but if you just pull all the way over and get out of your car with the flashers on and do a quick scan you should be okay. This afternoon I found a new Lucy's warbler in an area of lerpy eucalyptus but in a private apartment complex not far from greenwood cemetery and also had a singing plumbeous vireo at friendship Park in Chula vista. I have heard from Aaron gyllenhall, Matt sadowski, Dan jehl, and Gary Nunn that the amazing flight of black Swifts over Point Loma this morning totaled probably about 24 birds, give or take, an exceptional count for fall and also getting a bit late. And a bit of old news, there was a Hammond's flycatcher in tierrasanta several days ago, the first one I've had or have heard about this fall locally.

Paul Lehman, san Diego

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports