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Brown crested flycatcher in TRV

I just had a Brown-crested Flycatcher in the TRV, late morning on Tuesday, which started out in the community garden on Hollister then flew to the trees along the western extension of Sunset and then unfortunately continued into some eucalyptus inside the big horse coral establishment on the north side of Sunset where it is off limits. I'll wait around to see if it comes back, so this may be a needle in a haystack if it doesn't and stays on private property, although it did try to cavort with a couple cassins kingbirds along Sunset until the Kingbirds started chasing it. This bird has an especially huge entirely dark bill, also looks fairly large and has a medium to dark ash gray face and brown crown. But the bill size will really strike you as very large….if it can be refound, that is.

this should be the first-ever coastal record for San Diego County. There is an October record virtually the same dates as this for Santa Barbara County in the 1980s. I am not sure if there are any other coastal southern California records.

otherwise, the only thing of note in the TRV this morning was a slate-colored type Fox Sparrow at the dairy Mart ponds and a good count of 20 ruddy turnstones at the salt works, as well as nine black turnstones.

Paul Lehman, San Diego

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