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Brown Creeper in Encinitas

Brown Creeper in Encinitas
By {authorlink} – 9:12 pm

Yesterday my girlfriend, Anna, called me to the kitchen window to ask about a small woodpecker-like bird picking at the trunk of a pine tree. To my surprise, it was a Brown Creeper, definitely a yard bird for me (possibly a county bird, although I used to see them regularly in the San Bernardino Mtns). I have a number of Torrey and Aleppo pines and it hung around for a while flitting from trunk to trunk, mostly foraging low.
I didn’t see it today, but I’m hoping it may hang around the area, perhaps long enough to make it into the RSF CBC. I have had a White-breasted Nuthatch hanging around for about a month, but I don’t see or hear it daily. I’ve also had them in other years, and one year had a pair of Red-breasted Nuthatches that hung around for a while.
The only other coaster Brown Creeper I saw reported recently was at the Bird and Butterfly Garden.
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