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Broad-Winged Hawk Migration

10:00 pm

Hi, All,  During fall migration, I follow the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory Hawk Watch feed, looking for spikes in Broad-Winged Hawk totals.  After scoring a couple last week, and then mostly being fogged out, today they counted 6.  That’s enough for me to put out the word to be on the lookout.  If I remember correctly, they take about three days to get this far.  Who knows how many they missed on those foggy days?  Oh, and they counted 154 sharpies.  Ridges and hilltops with good visibility – FRNC area, Soledad, Mt. Helix, vistas in the actual mountains, etc. – may be worth visiting if you’re getting tired of warbler neck.  I’ll let experts weigh in on timing if they want to, but I gather late morning is best odds.

Best of Luck to All – and myself – in this endeavor.

Cheers,  Tuck Russell