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Broad-billed Turkey – Golden Hill Cottage

10:42 am

Hello Friends,

After everyone is done chasing the American tree sparrow today, you are welcome to come see the continuing broad-billed turkey – who refuses to leave my yard.

I was wrong in assuming her previous flight south was a departure – she was merely cheating on my feeder station with a neighbor to the south [rude].

So for the 46th day – the broad-billed hummer continues! She is at all feeders, hanging plants on my porch, and in the tree next to Unit A. She has been here the last few days, I just haven’t had time to post. Will post all pending ebird checklists soon. I’m not home today, but all are welcome, all always.

If you drop by and see her, please text me. I’ll add you to my daily list. We do not have a hotspot set up here, it needs to be applied to my personal home location per request of our lovely eBird reviewers.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Good birding, Lindsay