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Broad-Billed Hummingbird – Golden Hill Cottage

8:12 am

Hello Friends, 

After more than a month [40 days] of observing and
sharing this bird with the community – we believe we saw her fly south this morning. She visited the feeders in my yard, drank for a minute, and then took off due south into the blue sky. A new behavior and direction of flight, as she typically bounces from
tree to tree and stays local to the north side of B Street. We are guessing this may have been her last appearance, and glad she said goodbye. [She certainly didn’t leave a tip for the sugar fund, but thanks to all who did!!] 

Glad to have connected with all who came to see her, was a pleasure hosting. 

Of note, today is the second time in the last month I have observed a small flock of Swinhoe’s white-eye flying over my house. I
have not recorded this species in my area before this timeframe.

Good birding, 

Lindsay Willrick
Golden Hill, San Diego
(619) 971-7801