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Broad-billed Hummingbird #10 !!, more miscellanea

11:24 am

Thursday morning, while scouting my area for this Saturday’s CBC, I stumbled into a female-type Broad-billed Hummingbird in an apartment complex in sw. Nestor, a block short of Imperial Beach. Feeding in blooming bottlebrush. This is not a public sort of site, so folks should keep going to see the more public-viewable bird(s) currently elsewhere. This makes TEN Broad-billed Hummers in the county since late September!!
Other miscellanea the past few days include: (today) returning female Vermilion Flycatcher at Imperial Beach Sports Park (numbers of Vermilions in most areas this winter appear to be down compared to the past several winters), continuing Cattle Egret at end of 10th Street; (12/13) 2 Western Tanagers near Zoo entrance, 2 Bullock’s Orioles in canyon near Vermont X Cypress; (12/12) continuing Little Stint and 3 Pacific Golden-Plovers at Pond 23 Salt Works, continuing Sandhill Crane and Lapland Longspur in TRV, and new Bullock’s Oriole and 2 Yellow Warblers along Leon Ave.; (12/11) continuing female Baltimore Oriole in Rohr Park, continuing 1 Snow, 8 Gr. White-fronted, and 5 Cackling Geese at Sweetwater Reservoir.
Paul Lehman, San Diego