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Broad-billed Hummer in Warner Springs

9:02 am

A male Broad billed Hummingbird was seen at feeders in Warner Springs at the home of Hans Petermann. He is graciously allowing birders to come see the bird virtually anytime later today, but will first wait to make sure the bird is continuing and didn’t visit only for the first couple feedings this morning and then potentially departed thereafter. Once that is confirmed, I’ll post an update with further directions. He did an e-bird list which does have his address, I believe. He said there’s very limited parking at his house, so one is supposed to park on the street and walk up to the yard, and also let him know you’re coming ahead of time. Unfortunately, Hans is leaving town tomorrow for a while and therefore a bunch of the feeders will be taken down and any that remain will go dry, so if one wishes to see the bird they basically need to go to today, or perhaps tomorrow morning.
Interestingly, another male broad billed hummingbird was reported this morning by a visiting birder in the yaqui well area out at Anza Borrego.
Paul Lehman, San Diego