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Breeding-plumaged Little Stint at salt works

Just a few minutes ago on Tuesday I found a full breeding plumage Little Stint at the salt works pond that is drawn down that is a third of a mile east of the end of 13th Street in imperial Beach, the pond that often produces rare shorebirds when they lower it. Be aware that the pond is already half dried up so probably only has another day before it is too dry and the birds are too far. Now that the sun has come out, the heat distortion is becoming a problem. The bird has a bright rufous orange head and wash on the sides of the breast which contrasts with a very whitish throat and it also shows a distinct split supercilium within the orangey rufous of the head, and the bill is typically short and straight. Be aware that there is also a hyper bright rufous Western Sandpiper in the flock, which has about 500 Birds all together, but the Western is otherwise a typical Western with a typical Western bill and not the contrasty white-throat and no split supercilium, but it is really super Rufous above.

Certainly, this must be one of the two individuals that was present nearby in November and December but not seen since.

On other news, Barbara C. had an olive-sided flycatcher this morning between the bird and butterfly garden in the community garden, which I think is the first of the season for the county. Yesterday I found a new, small colony of 10 active nests of double-crested cormorants In Santee at the Carlton Oaks golf course. There are only two or three other colonies known in the county, I believe.

Paul Lehman,. San Diego

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