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breeding Japanese white-eyes in Solana Beach

Hi all,

Jayne Lesley and I observed 3 white eyes: 2 adults feeding a fledged chick. Photo of one adult on my eBird check list:

We observed them for 30 minutes, and they were still visible and very active when we left. We also captured some video with their calls audible. The exact location is at the junction of Rios Avenue and Gibson Point. They are in the landscaping on the south side of Gibson Point, but they also occasionally flew across Rios to bushes in the yard of the house on the corner of Rios and Seabright. While not mentioned in the Atlas, they have been recorded in Encinitas, but no breeding confirmed. Brennan had one in San Elijo Lagoon last year, so they seem to be expanding and doing well. Has anyone else seen evidence of breeding in the county?

Steve Perry

Solana Beach

Steve Perry
Solana Beach, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports