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Borrego Valley Hawkwatch

9:36 pm

The Borrego Valley Hawkwatch began the 2024 season today. Forty Swainson’s Hawks and 35 Turkey Vultures migrated north. At least 6 Swainson’s Hawks were observed roosting in the date farm on Borrego Valley Rd. this evening (Wednesday February 21). Each morning from February 21-mid April we observe migration from 8-11am at a site on DiGiorgio Rd just south of Henderson Canyon Rd. Each evening we observe incoming hawks approximately 1/2 hour before sunset 1.5 miles north of Palm Canyon Drive on Borrego Valley Rd. An ALERT system sends out a notice when we observe more than 100 hawks in the evening. You can join over 500 folks on the system (email Hal at Raptorhal3@…). We expect a major grasshopper and perhaps caterpillar invasion (a major flower season is predicted). Swainson’s Hawks are attracted to insects as a major food source during migration. Last spring we counted over 16,000 Swainson’s Hawks feeding and migrating through Borrego Valley. 
Hal Cohen
Borrego Springs