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Borrego Bendire's Summary Wed Morning

For those interested, the thrasher was observed from approx 0600-0700, and then 0815-0830. It was foraging in the freshly mowed north pond, as well as perched on the west side fence there. We eight birders were situated on the dirt perimeter road on the east side, and 0600 man Chris S said it was much closer in (on the ground) to our vantage point along the dirt perimeter road on the east side before we showed up at 0615.

I think all the birders were gone by the time Sally and I decided to walk around the ponds counter clockwise to return to the parking area, and that's when we saw it at 0815 on the fence again for a short period before it flew into the mesquite bordering the west side. It was then mostly obscured by branches and leaves before moving back out of view by 0830.

A scope would have worked well this morning, especially if not using camera zoom.

Bob Theriault
Borrego Springs
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports