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Blackpoll Warbler + Plumbeous Vireo at HGP (Oct 4, 2020)

This morning at Harry Griffen Park in La Mesa, the best action was the very tall, super lerpy euc in between the playground and the amphitheater. This single tree hosted ~40-50 warblers (50% YRump, 30% Yellow, 20% OC), 50+ bushtits, and ~40-50 hummingbirds.

Among the crowd I found a first fall BLACKPOLL WARBLER, which stayed the entire time I was there (over an hour) foraging actively in the fresh white lerps, and just before 10am a PLUMBEOUS VIREO briefly appeared.

The mimosa trees at the top of the amphitheater (where the Blackpoll hung out) was DEAD today, so clearly that wave has moved on and new birds have arrived.

A brief check of the SE corner grove (where the Lucy’s ditch is) turned up a mix of typical migrants including several Lazuli Buntings, a Western Tanager, and a couple of “Western“ Flycatchers.

Eitan Altman
San Carlos
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports