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Blackburnian Warbler @ Harry Griffen (Sep 25, 2020)

Justyn sent me a photo taken by Alison Davies of the rear end of a warbler that looked like it had potential for a first fall BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER.

I was able to refind the bird around 9:45am at the top of the amphitheater right near the entrance (just W of the playground). (Minor humble brag: I was on a Zoom meeting for work while I found the bird and even unmuted myself to answer a few questions while I was stalking it)

There is a large active mixed flock of warblers working the trees, making it a challenge to pick out among the Townsend’s, and it’s foraging very actively so doesn’t sit still much. What caught my eye was the paler, more lemon yellow tone to the yellow throat and more faded auricular patch, then when I got a good look I could see the bill was longer and slightly pale based (unlike the stubby all-black bill of TOWA) and the back is grayish and streaked vs plain olive (although the back is a challenge to see!).

Chris Adler was able to get photos so we could confirm, then I flagged down the Lucy's stakeout crowd behind the porta potties and several others were able to see and photo. Still showing as of 10:25am.

Eitan Altman
San Carlos
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports