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Blackburnian Warbler at Batiquitos Lagoon (N side trails)

12:32 pm

I’m a visiting birder from the San Francisco Bay Area. I was birding the north side trails along Batiquitos Lagoon today when I spotted a Blackburnian Warbler foraging in the eucalyptus canopy on the lagoon side of the trail at (33.0918151, -117.2902238) at about 10:15 am. The bird was foraging unhurriedly, probably moving West, but I lost sight of it after about 5 minutes. It may be possible to refind. 
EBird checklist:
ID Details:
Yellow-orange face with dark auricular patch, yellowish under eye crescent, dark wings with white wing bars, blurry grayish flank streaks. It lacked the dark spur on the side of the breast that bleeds into flank streaks in TOWA, no yellow on flanks. I was unable to view the diagnostic pale back streaks, but the ID was clear. 
See pics below.
Zac Denning
Albany, CA