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Black, White-wing and Surf Scoters at the Imperial Beach Y Surf Camp.

I went relatively early to the beach directly in front of the Y Surf School in Imperial Beach.  Thanks to Nancy C for responding to my question about the birds the previous night.  All 3 species were present this morning.  The birds were coming within 25-30 feet of the water's edge.  However, they would quickly swim out and beyond the breakwater if you approached or walkers went by.  There are two jetties at this beach  The birds would swim slightly south of the South jetty and then swim north to the north jetty.  They'd turn around and swim South to the South jetty.  This patter was consistent throughout the time I was watching them.  eBird completed with photos of scoters.
Mike Wittmer
Escondido, Ca

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports