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Black-Throated Green Warbler continues at Greenwood Memorial Park, possible Orchard Oriole

Around 10 this morning I birded the GMP.  A couple of Townsend's warblers sang from the pines east of the pond (which was bereft of waterfowl or even a black phoebe).  The Sefton obelisk had most of the action, though by this hour, things were generally not very birdy.  First, I saw a female oriole high in the canopy of the tree immediately east of the obelisk, yielding mostly underneath looks.  It looked a bit small for a hooded, and the tail a bit short, but I never got a definitive look at this bird, much less a photo.

Almost as uncooperative was the Black-Throated Green Warbler found in the next trees east, near the pavement.  Despite half an hour of loud pishing, softer pleading, and whispered cursing, the bird would not hold still in unobstructed view in decent light. I did get some bad photos, a couple of which do at least show no yellow whatsoever below the indistinct black throat, which should rule out Townsend's.

I'll put up photos in my eBird list tonight.

Regular readers of the list will recall such a bird being reported in this exact spot a number of times through early winter, but I think it's been missed since mid-December.  It will probably leave soon, so get out there if you have to have one.

Tuck Russell
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports