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Black-tailed Gnatcatcher? at Mission Trails

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher? at Mission Trails
By {authorlink} – 9:31 pm

Today at Mission Trails I photographed a Gnatcatcher that appears to be a Black-tailed, based on the white markings on the underside of the tips of the tailfeathers. Looking at eBird, however, I don’t see any sightings of this species at that location, which makes me suspicious about my ID. I’d appreciate input. I’ve posted two photos on Flickr that show the tail. I have other views if that would be helpful.

Thank you,
Emily Routman

DSC_1119_01 | museumer | Flickr
DSC_1118_01 | Black-tailed Gnatcatcher? Seen at Mission Trai… | Flickr