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Black scoter, lesser black-backed, new vermilion

On Tuesday the 5th, a dtake black scoter was with surf scoters on San Diego Bay looking North from Grand Caribe in Coronado Cays a long distance. Could well be additional birds but the heat distortion was getting bad. The usual general area where this species has wintered for quite a few years now. The returning adult lesser black-backed gull was on the beach at the base of the jetty in front of the hotel del Coronado in late morning. There is a new Vermilion flycatcher present, this one at the very south end of Nestor Park. A female has wintered at this very spot for quite a few years but the bird today is clearly an immature male with red already appearing all over the crown and on the belly. Elsewhere in the park there were two Western tanagers.

Paul Lehman & Barbara Carlson, San Diego

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Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports