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Black-and-white warbler @ Zoo 3/7/2023

Black-and-white warbler @ Zoo 3/7/2023
By {authorlink} – 9:46 am

At around 8:15 AM, I spotted a female Black-and-white warbler today during a brief, unsuccessful check for the Varied Thrush. The bird was preening in a large ficus tree located in the northwest corner of the vacant flamingo habitat. The tree was also teeming with robins and waxwings, which makes it an excellent spot to search for the Varied thrush. The location is also very close to where the thrush has been sighted recently.

I managed to take a quick identification video of the Black-and-white warbler on my phone: 

32.735162, -117.150094

Trent R. Stanley
University City, San Diego, CA