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Bank Swallow/Purple Martin push

Over the extended weekend (and into today) there was a notable push of quasi-rare migrant Purple Martins through southern California, from San Luis Obispo to San Diego Counties, offshore on San Clemente Island, and inland to the Salton Sea and near Yuma. Included a few flocks, as well as the more typical individuals. This appears to now being followed by a bit of a push of Bank Swallows, at least in Orange and San Diego Counties. I had 4 different birds earlier today in the south Bay/TRV area, all associated with little pulses of Barn Swallows. So….if you still crave a Bank Swallow locally, you might have the rest of today–as long as it stays overcast–to try your favorite swallow hang-outs. Although the birds mostly just seem to be passing through rather quickly and don't linger for more than a few minutes.

Also today (Tuesday) still a couple Yellow-headed Blackbirds near Hollister X Sunset in the TRV, and a Green-tailed Towhee was in the Point Loma area.

–Paul Lehman, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports