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bank swallow & continuing Baird's sandpipers South San Diego Bay 1 Sept 2018

This morning from 8:37 through 8:45, I observed a juv bank swallow among a flock of approx. 40 barn, 20 cliff, 2 rough-winged, & at least 1 tree swallow as they roosted on levees and foraged over saltponds in the south central saltworks.  On returning at 10:30, they had dispersed & we were unable to re-find it (and the wind was much stronger & had shifted from SSW to W). The swallow flocks frequently concentrate along the Otay channel off 13th St so checking again there may prove worthwhile.
Lea Squires & I also observed 6-7 Baird's sandpipers in the southern saltponds, at least 2 and up to 5 of which would've been visible scoping from the bike path east of 13th St.  However, the eastern of those 2 saltponds was being filled so habitat will become limited in the next day or so.  A large-billed savannah sparrow continued there as well, and a late-lingering gull-billed tern fledgling was seen to the NW of there.  A flock of 10 white-faced ibis flying low across the ponds was a bit unusual for that location, and a juv and adult peregrine falcon put on quite a show challenging each other over hunting rights over the southern ponds. 
Robert Patton
San Diego, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports