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Bank Swallow, Common Tern influx, loons, miscellanea

Sunday morning, the 9th, there's been a Bank Swallow feeding for quite some time around the ponds at the Dust Devil Trail at San Dieguito Lagoon, with a moderate number of other swallows, but by 9:30 the sun was out and the swallows will likely disperse. Earlier in the morning, with the marine overcast, swallow numbers are much better there. At least 2 Lesser Yellowlegs continue. Following up on Jay D.'s recent record-high summer count of Common Loons off northern Torrey Pines, I scoped this AM from Torrey Pines State Beach and had "just" 6 Commons, but also a Red-throated Loon in full breeding plumage. Red-throated is the rarest of the three summering loons, and also unusual to be in alternate if summering locally (but it is far, far, far too early to be a returning migrant). At La Jolla this morning there were 2 adult Parasitic Jaegers, the first local report of jaegers this season, I think, and actually slightly late for the first-of-season.

Yesterday, an adult male Black-chinned Hummingbird at Point Loma was on a typical date for a fall migrant male. (The species does not breed there.) Continuing Reddish Egret at San Diego R. mouth.

And on the 7th, at the south end of San Diego Bay, there was a very high count of 63 Common Terns, 43 of which were adults, the rest one-year-olds. It's been over 10 years since there's been a good number of Commons locally onshore. The species is suffering from an overall long-term decline. Also saw the continuing summering Surfbird.

–Paul Lehman, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports