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Baltimore, geese, Lower Otay gulls including Lesser Black-backed and Short-billd

10:21 am

Friday morning, the returning female Baltimore Oriole was right on time in its favorite blue gum tree in Rohr Park, arriving within 1 minute of the first direct sun shining on it which was today at 6:37. See previous post for further info. The Sweetwater Reservoir goose flock continues with its four species comprising of one Snow and four minima Cackling and five White fronteds and nine Canadas. A new, immature Bald Eagle. Lower Otay Lake already by 9:00 in the morning had a surprisingly large number of gulls between the boat launch and the dam, and despite the fact they have removed the large offshore raft that was very popular in the past  Of the ca. 800 gulls present, one was a third-cycle Lesser Black-backed near the docks, where there was also a first-cycle Short-billed (Mew) Gull, which is rare inland, and three first-cycle Thayers Iceland Gulls and three first-cycle Glaucous-winged Gulls. A very healthy total of 120 Herring Gulls was comprised of over 100 first cycles. Also a female type Greater Scaup and a Least Bittern.

I’ll post photos of several of the rare gulls later today in an eBird list.

Paul Lehman, San Diego