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Balboa Park Baltimore Oriole, another Summer T.

11:38 am

Early Monday morning, there was a loose group of one bright orange female-looking Baltimore Oriole, one rather bright female-looking Bullock’s Oriole, and 2 Western Tanagers on various sides of the International Cottages at Balboa Park, which then just a little while later I stumbled into again–same exact flock–well to the northeast around Casa del Prado/Balboa and the Natural History Museum. This is a bit surprisingly far apart. A duller female Baltimore was present last winter, with a Bullock’s, around the International Cottages–same bird? On the north end of the park, at Florida X Upas, there was a Summer Tanager (probably a young male) and a Western Flycatcher which we’ll see if it lingers or not; plus a (continuing) Bullock’s Oriole at the Morley Field parking lot. This brings the October total of Summer Tanagers in the county to 15.
Also a new Costa’s Hummingbird today in Tierrasanta.
–Paul Lehman, San Diego