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Baird's Sandpipers in Ramona

I checked the Ramona Pond this morning. There was a Red-necked Phalarope on the pond, and while trying to get a record photo of it I noticed two peeps on the shore. I believe they are Baird’s sandpipers. It was hot and there was a great deal of heat shimmer which made viewing them difficult, plus the great distance. The birds appeared leggy (longer legged than WESA), and elongated in the body. When they turned just right in the light, their heads were that funny buffy color that Bairds are, and the breast was also buffy. The backs were either spotted or scaled. I plan to go out late in the evening and take another look, but wanted to get the word out.


I also checked Sand Lake at Kit Carson Park. Water levels quite high – no little island in the middle. There was one spotted sandpiper in alternate plumage, but no other shorebirds.


Nancy Christensen



Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports