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Baird’s and semipalmated sandpipers south san diego bay 8-9-23

4:30 pm

Shortly after Dave and Geoff’s previously reported find of Baird’s sandpiper viewed from the South Bay Bikepath, Lea Squires also found presumably the same individual, which was then subsequently seen by Matt, only to have all birds flushed from the area by peregrines.  Multiple checks of the area after that yielded no peeps in that pond, despite the rising tide (and no luck refinding the bird elsewhere).  While the bird is likely to return, the water level in that pond is being raised over the next couple days so viewing may be hampered and habitat within that pond limited.
Also around 8:30 this morning, I had a juv semipalmated sandpiper in a closed portion of the interior saltworks.  Regrettably when I turned to get my camera, it disappeared and could not be refound.  Hopefully it too will linger and be reseen in the area.
R. Patton
San Diego, CA