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B-B Sandpiper

Just a quick follow-up to Paul’s earlier email this morning regarding the BBSA 
I was joined at the sod farm by Gretchen Nell and Sochetra (Sammy) Lee (from AZ, here for the boat trip).  We all found it, but for those still planning to look for it, it should be noted that it seems to move around a lot. Bottom line:  it could be anywhere in the entire sod farm area.  When I arrived at 7:45 this morning, the northern-most grassy area (near Cam. de la Plaza)) had 0 Birds in it. Sammy and I walked south all the way to the souther-most grass section, and only in the latter did we encounter even any Killdeer.  So we walked all the way back almost to Dairy Mary Road, and found the Killdeer flock was then in the NW corner of the first plowed (dirt) field.  Sammy spotted the BBSA there, but within ten minutes it had flown east into the first grassy area.  Also:  it follows the Killdeer around, but it doesn’t necessarily feed in with them.  When Sammy first spotted the BBSA, it was easily 100 feet or more away from the closest Killdeer.  Moral of the story:  look everywhere for it, it may very well not be feeding right where the Killdeer are. 
Phil Pryde, 
San Carlos 

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