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Avian Flu H5N1 reporting

5:22 pm

I received an email from a friend with an article about Avian Flu moving beyond domestic poultry into wild birds and especially those nesting in colonies. The article in includes a resource for reporting dead birds. The article title is “A frightening virus is killing a massive number of wild birds” and was written by Benji Jones.

the report includes the following important message that can apply to all of the local birders and biologists:
Birders are the eyes and ears of this panzootic and I don’t think they’re being harnessed enough. People are used to photographing beautiful wildlife on their phones and uploading it to platforms like iNaturalist. But right now, it’s more important that they document dead birds, she said. (iNaturalist actually has a webpage exactly for this purpose. If you find a dead wild bird and are not sure what to do, check out this one-pager from the USDA.)”

If you would like a link to the article, please contact me offline at ahayworth235@…

Anita Hayworth