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Rose Canyon O-S Flycatcher

This afternoon (1/2/21) at 3PM I refound Charley’s OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER near the site he found it and showed it to me yesterday.
It was 200 yards farther down that side road off the main Rose Canyon trail. It was originally found in trees east of the side road.
This afternoon it was in a leafless tree some distance west of the road but close enough to ID with binoculars.

I cannot vouch for its presence in the AM. I visited the site at 9AM but the trees in question were in the shade and wouldn’t have any
Sun until 10AM or later.. I couldn’t find the bird anywhere else north or west of the original site.

Jim Roberts
University City
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Escondido: TWO American Redstarts, TWO Pac-slope Flys.

Saturday morning, on the Escondido CBC, Brennan Mulrooney, Matt Farley, and myself are birding in the Kit Carson Park area, largely. The adult male American Redstart continues along the north side of Sand Lake, although it all also wanders a fair ways to the northeast from there. Brandon and Matt also found two different Pacific-slope Flycatchers in the park, the first one being undoubtedly a returning bird for its third or more winters but hadn't been seen yet this year; it is seen around the tennis court area, anywhere from just south of the tennis courts up to near Sand Lake, just as in previous years. The second bird is at the extreme north end of the park at the north end of the skinny extension that goes up to a fence with a no trespassing private property sign, and that's where the second bird was. I had a Western Tanager along Canyon Road nearby, which is a site that hosts this species almost every winter. Then I actually left the count circle for some brief birding on the north side of Escondido along Reidy Creek, accessed along Morning View Drive that runs between El Norte Parkway at the north end and Highway 78 at the South end. And lo and behold in the section of creek opposite the entrance to the Alta Vista apartments, which is about the midpoint of Morning View, I had another adult male American Redstart. The two redstarts are something like 6 miles apart. Up and down Reidy Creek a slug of years ago in December I had things like Black and white warbler and Plumbeous Vireo and Black throated Grays, so it's not a bad spot to check in late fall and early winter.

As of 11:00 a.m. we had not found the Black and white warbler in Kit Carson Park.

Paul Lehman, San Diego

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Dairymart Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

Juvenile scissor-tail seen 9:30am in the back of the middle pond (1st pond w.of main pond) amidst a group of cassin's kingbirds.  Earlier flyover of a pair of monk parakeets, maybe the same two seen yesterday at Sunset Ball Fields.
Richard Cuthbertson

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Final tally Oceanside CBC- 26 December 2020

The final tally for the Oceanside CBC is 184 species.
A few rarities missed from the last post include an American Redstart found by Ryan Andrews and team (Agua Hedionda-north), and Clay-colored Sparrow found by Ken Weaver (Guajome Park). 
A heartfelt thanks to all the individuals and teams who worked many hours to contribute to our count, and to Kirsten Winter for doing the data compiling.
Jane Mygatt
Carlsbad, CA

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Sorry, two goofs in the email I just sent:  Larry reported a Snow Goose, not a Ross’ Goose;  and, I forgot you can’t attach a photo to these emails.  Just trust me, the Burrowing Owl was very cute. 

Phil Pryde
San Marcos 

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More re Robb Field

I also was enjoying the sunshine at Robb Field this (Friday) afternoon, and in addition to the sightings Nancy mentioned, around 4 – 4:30 p.m. the Burrowing Owl was being very cooperative on the rocky south bank of the flood channel about 50 yards east of where Larry saw the Tricolored Heron wading about (i.e., near the west end of the westernmost baseball field).  A less-than-sharp photo of him (her?) is below. 

I didn’t see the Ross’s Goose. 

For those starting their 2021 yearly list, scoping from the far eastern end of the big parking lot along the Robb Field bike path I was also able to see both B & R Turnstones, LB Herons, Red Knots, and a couple dozen (at least) of Snowy Plovers.  It was also the area where I found the Reddish Egret at around 3:30, wading with the tide downriver (the Egret, not me).  Also in the flood channel right about where the Owl was located was a Lesser Yellowlegs. 

A good start to a birdy 2021. 

Phil Pryde
San Marcos 

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Re: JUNK: Re: [SanDiegoRegionBirding] more 2020 birding accomplishments, and important "thank you's"

What Jimmy said! In addition to finding most of the rarities we are all chasing, Paul’s posts offer a lot of valuable insights on the status and distribution of birds in the region, which if we pay attention to, will make us all better birders. Thanks for continuing to share those insights Paul. 

Bruce Rideout 
La Mesa

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Agua Dulce Evening grosbeak

Female EVENING grosbeak was foraging along the creek at the pump house mid day today 1 Jan 2021. Lots of snow. LOTS of cars holding everyone and their mother coming up Sunrise highway as I was going downhill to the I-8, caveat emptor.
CK Staurovsky

San Diego County

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Miscellaneous rarities continuing

Mel and I did a mini-big day, looking for a few of the many rare birds currently in the county. Here is our report:

Fiesta Island – we had two Chestnut-sided Longspurs maybe 50 yards south of the north entrance to the dog park. We thought we had the McCown’s, but after reviewing pics, we need to try again.

Mission Bay area – we did NOT find the Ross’s geese, or the Lapland Longspur. The tricolored heron, reddish egret, and Little Blue heron were all jammed up close together at Robb field.

North Clairemont Recreation Center – The Dusky-capped Flycatcher was still working the same trees it was several weeks ago, but was totally silent. We were lucky enough to find the Hepatitc Tanager with two Western Tanagers feeding in the eastern-most large eucalyptus in the park (the trunk looks like shredded bark). No sign of the sapsucker at that location.

Hoover High School – the Eastern Phoebe was an easy bird to find working along the sidewalk right next to the school.


Happy New Year!


Nancy Christensen



Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports