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Evening Grosbeak continues on 1/3/21

Good afternoon,

This morning, Carl Ebling, Michelle Merrigan and myself, had the Continuing Evening Grosbeak at Agua Dulce, right in the area by the pumphouse.  There are some boulders just to the down creek side of the house and it requented that area, down to about 50 or 60 yards downstream, eating whatever berries it could find.  We first heard it's call when we got there, as it flew over our heads and then about 15 minutes later, it landed in a tree right by me, then hung around for a good 30 to 40 minutes before flying off.  The bird does occasionally call so it is good to know it's call.  Picture and ebird checklist will be posted later today.
Mark Stratton
North Park

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Balboa Park Brewer's Sparrow, Nashville #18, Pink-sided & Gray-headed; Ea. Phoebe; Monk Parakeet news

Sunday morning, 3 Jan, there's a Brewer's Sparrow in the Chipping Sparrow flock (8-10 birds) in the southeast corner of Balboa Park. The flock was on the lawn near 28th & Beech, the former site of the many-year-returning Black-and-white Warbler (RIP!). That flock (including goldfinches, House Finches, and White-crowneds) also contained a "Pink-sided" D-e Junco and a continuing, rare-in-Balboa-Park Lark Sparrow. In the northeast corner of the park, near Jacaranda X Jacaranda, there was a "Gray-headed" D-e Junco in the sparrow/finch flock. And along the north side of the park, there was a Nashville Warbler (#18 in the county since 1 Dec!! and probably a returning bird from last year), Bullock's Oriole, and Western Tanager at Richmond X Cypress; and 1-2 W. Tanagers at Florida X Upas.

Also today, the Eastern Phoebe, first reported by Knut Tjelmeland in late Nov, continued in late morning (but not early morning) along Highland Avenue in City Heights.

Also, in the "FWIW" category, the Monk Parakeets being reported very sporadically in the Tijuana River Valley have been present since at least 2 Sep. Sightings seem split between Dairy Mart and the Sunset ball fields. The very strong likelihood is that they escaped from somewhere coastal in s. CA. A very, very distant second choice is that they wandered west over to the coast from the small resident population known to exist in Calexico, Imperial County (not considered "established"). And then there's the 0.000000001 chance that they flew almost a couple thousand miles from the nearest "established" population (probably central Texas).

–Paul Lehman, San Diego
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Yellow-headed blackbirds @ Rangeland Rd

Large flock (at least 24) yellow-headed blackbirds (with tricolored blackbirds and cowbirds) at ~10:50am today along Rangeland Rd, Ramona . On power lines at the gate to “Highland Hills” where Rangeland Rd ends.

Also of note, a lone Snow goose flying north with Canada Geese at Ramona Grassland Preserve.

Sean Buchanan
Solana Beach
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Escondido American Redstart

I found Paul's male American Redstart this morning at 10:00 where he described along Reidy Creek. The address of Alta Vista Apartment Homes is 1245 Morning View Dr.. The trees where I briefly saw it twice are just down the hill across the street from the apartment complex entrance and the Speed Limit 35 sign. 

There's also a very handsome male Townsend's Warbler and a Downy Woodpecker in the immediate area. 

Jan Nordenberg
San Diego 

Jan Nordenberg
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Dusky-capped Flycatcher: North Clairemont Rec

Several spottings along the canyon ridge east of tennis courts. Did not see Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. —

Michelle  Haglund

"there is still good in this world and it's worth fighting forSam Gamgee

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Ramona Route CBC highlights – Yellow-bellied, Clay-colored & Brewer's Sparrows

Birded areas in east Ramona with Stacy McCline and Stacy Eisenberg on Saturday (1/2) as part of the Escondido CBC. Notables included:

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker – 1 adult male (Nuevo Memory Garden Cemetary; found by Stacy McCline)
Clay-colored Sparrow – 1 (in a flock of white-crowns frequenting a residence at the corner of Pine St and Pine Way)
Brewer's Sparrow – 1 (in a field south of Katherine's View Way in a big mixed flock of sparrows, finches and larks)
Loggerhead Shrike – 1 (continuing around Ramona Pond along hwy. 78)
Bell's Sparrow – 8 (continuing high numbers in the mitigation land along Katherine's View Way)
Good Birding!
Jay Desgrosellier
San Diego, CA

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Gray Flycatcher, Pamo Valley

While covering the northern half of Pamo Valley for the Escondido CBC, Supeena and I 

found a Gray Flycatcher in the oaks on the south side of Lusardi Road,  100 meters or so 
from the intersection with Pamo Rd. 
Christopher Adler
Allied Gardens

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