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Arctic Tern, etc.

11:16 am

Just before 11:00 a.m. there was a one-year-old arctic tern in with a dozen common terns of various ages at the San Diego River mouth on the mud flats with elegant terns. Undoubtedly with his and the commons are birds that normally feed 10 mi or more miles offshore, where common terns are regular at this time of year, have been forced to come sit it out onshore due to the rain etc. The bird is no longer here. It did fly out with a few of the commons. It is still just a very light wind, so that is not a factor. I am looking at the river mouth from the north side, but it even looks like Robb field is in fact open as best I can tell, despite the reports that all the city and county parks were closing.

Seawatching earlier this morning with a bunch of folks at La Jolla was nothing special. And I heard from Hal Cohen at Borrego Springs that a morning Check of the various ponds There turned up nothing of interest, although obviously checks later today or first thing tomorrow morning will have a better chance.
Paul Lehman, San Diego