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Apparent Chimney Swift in TRV

There is an apparent ChimneySwift mixed in with about 8 Vaux's Swifts at 7:30-7:45 a.m. Feeding back and forth through the willows between the south end of the defunct sod farm and the Monument Road / Dairy Mart Road bridge in the Tijuana River Valley. Also check over the river channel itself. One needs to carefully study the Vaux's Swifts and pick out the one bird that is slightly larger, slightly longer and larger winged, and consistently slower flapping. Also perhaps shows a little more wear to the flight feathers then almost all of the Vaux's. It is fairly easy to continually get on the same bird time and time again once you get the search image down.

Also early this morning there were two Bank Swallows at the main Dairy Mart Pond but they disappeared after a while.

Paul Lehman and group, San Diego

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