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Anza-Borrego CBC

Hello / It is impossible to give a highlight summary of the desert count, because with Covid-19 rules, the results will trickle in. Luckily some individuals are posting their "good" finds on this site. I was able to report a Crissal Thrasher from the Mesquite Bosque, and at both this location and the WTP Settling Ponds, Brewer's Sparrows were plentiful, and both locations had "Sage" Sparrows – I documented two as Sagebrush. 
Herb Stone and Mark Jorgensen found a Burrowing Owl at the metal sculptures south of town, to go along with the Long-eared/Great Horned/Barn Owls also reported.
I am sure Paul Lehman agrees with me that no CBC is complete with a House Sparrow!
Bob Theriault / Borrego Springs.

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports