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another Eastern Kingbird (Dairy Mart)

9:13 am

Monday morning, there is another Eastern Kingbird in the county, this one in the Dairy Mart area. It was around the East Pond, the one on the east side of Dairy Mart Road across from the main parking lot, with 11 Cassin’s and 3 Westerns. But not long thereafter,  the flock started disbanding and spreading out like they often do, and the Eastern and several of the other birds headed east and southeast to points unknown. In past years there’s always been a Cassins flock here that has contained a Tropical Kingbird several of the past winters, and it just is sort of random when they’re all together around the ponds and on the nearby utility lines and when they are spread out and mostly MIA. Perhaps early or late in the day is best when the flock is most likely to be together??

Earlier this morning, a check of the upper end of Sweetwater Reservoir produced the continuing duo of Neotropic Cormorants, a continuing summering Ring-necked Duck, and two Wilson’s Snipe.
Paul Lehman, San Diego