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Another coastal Solitaire, Black Scoter, miscellaneous

Another coastal Solitaire, Black Scoter, miscellaneous
By {authorlink} – 10:32 am

Friday morning there is a new coastal Townsend’s Solitaire, this one well south in Nestor. I actually heard it singing briefly a few days ago but couldn’t track it down but today I was able to see it well, so it looks like it’s hanging in at some fruiting trees at the corner of Cerrissa Court and Cerrissa Street, which is off Cantamar Road, all of which is just north of the drive-in theater between Coronado Avenue and Palm Avenue. Not sure how many times ever the San Diego CBC has gotten this species?

A female Black Scoter was in the scoter hordes this morning just slightly south of the Imperial Beach Pier, but they move all around from day to day from there up to Silver Strand State Beach. Landbirds in the Nestor and Imperial Beach area the past two mornings are all only low-hanging fruit, and include single Yellow and Black-throated gray Warblers and Golden crowned sparrow and Bullocks Oriole and Western Tanager.
Paul Lehman, San Diego