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Ani was not re-found this afternoon

Good afternoon,

I had texted out earlier that we had an Ani, most likely Groove-billed although I didn't quite wee it well long enough to try to see the finer details of it's bill.  The bird was seen actually in our neighborhood on two occasions around 1pm today.  After going to the ends of a couple of streets near where we last saw it, we spotted it again on the 805 freeway slope from the end of Dwight St. by Nile St in North Park.  After looking for about another 30 minutes or so, the home owner let us in the back yard but we were not able to re-find it.  There are a lot of low bushes in that immediate area and some water too.  Eric Kallen, Nancy and Russ, Barbara and Paul, came down and help me try to re-find it and at one point, Nancy and then a few minutes later, myself, though we heard it respond back to playback, but hard to be sure with all the freeway noise.  I will look after work the next couple days and will report of seen again.
Mark Stratton
North Park

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports