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American Robin numbers, 12/27

American Robin numbers, 12/27
By {authorlink} – 5:52 pm

John Dumlao and I hiked the Del Dios Highlands Preserve trail NW of Lake Hodges for the Rancho Santa Fe CBC this morning. The clear highlight was the huge numbers of American Robins flying E or SE over the trail as we hiked up towards the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve. We heard the first few at dawn already flying over us and started paying close attention to the numbers for the next hour or so. We counted mostly by tens for the manageable flocks, by chunks of 50 for the few really large flocks of several hundred birds, and by ones for the many small flocks trickling by during the latter half of the hour. We came up with 1,750 robins, all heading E or SE. That’s a lot of “zweeks” and chuckles. Hope there’s enough toyon to go around.

Matt Sadowski