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American Redstart in NE Tecolote Canyon

This morning/Tuesday at 9am and again at 10:30am I spotted a rather plain female-plumaged AMERICAN REDSTART in NE Tecolote Canyon on the trail that begins at the junction of Genessee Ave and Chateau Ave.  Coordinates where last seen are supposedly 32.827951, -117.19632 but that looks a little far north to me now that I double-check them on the map. 

Take the trail west maybe .3 miles and when you get to the third stream crossing, don't cross!  Continue on the right side of the stream, go under the fallen graffiti tree to the bottom of the little dip.  The bird was last seen there in an oak on the left side of the trail on the edge of that grassy opening.

A little more info and a link to the map of the trail Hotspot is in the second eBird report here:

Eve Martin
Del Mar, California
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports