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Ageing Returning Winter Rarities, and minor stuff

3:10 pm

First some minor miscellanea: A Black-and-white Warbler was in residential Point Loma along Charles immediately west of Silvergate. A Summer and a Western Tanager were along Rose Creek immediately downstream from the Mission Bay Drive bridge.
A few folks have asked about how many years is it Rare Species X has now been returning to winter locally. There are several rarities that are back for their second or third years, and there are several rarities for which calculating that number is very difficult given that multiple individuals are involved, including Zone-tailed Hawks, Tropical Kingbirds, and Northern Waterthrushes. But several birds that are returning now for at least their fourth year include:
Little Stint (Salt Works):  6 years
Wood Stork (Safari Park):  4 years
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (Poggi Creek):  8 years (missed last year, but counted anyway)
Eastern Phoebe (City Heights):  4 years
Grace’s Warbler (Crest Drive):  6 years
Painted Redstart (Tierrasanta):  5 years
–Paul Lehman, San Diego