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Adult & Fledgling Mountain Chickadees in Encinitas

10:48 pm

On Tuesday in my yard in Encinitas on Crest Drive near the corner of Melba Road, I observed two Mountain Chickadees in a Coast Live Oak.  One was a fledgling, fluttering its wings (begging), and the other was an adult foraging in the tree and delivering food to the fledgling.  Both were vocalizing softly, but the fledgling was vocalizing more so than the adult.  I was thrilled as I just happened to be out getting the mail.  I didn’t even have binoculars, but the adult came within 10 feet of me once.  I have been hearing and seeing them more often this year than in years past, but usually just individuals.   

My yard is quite near the Wotan/Melba alley where Susan Smith reported a pair of Mountain Chickadees on May 7th. 


eBird Checklist – 14 May 2024 – 1050 Crest Drive, Encinitas, CA – 1 species


Steve Cameron