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Additions to TJRV birding notes

The Green tailed Towee was seen at the south most pond (now dry) trail head.

A Vesper Sparrow was seen at the western most ball field along Sunset.
A lone Cedar Waxwing (juvy) was on the ground at ball fields that were being watered.
There are now four Vermillion Flycatchers at the ball fields
All separable..
1) Bright Male and likely multi year returning bird at east end.
2) Bright Male with whitish throat. Middle of fields.
3) female appearing bird with pinkish flanks. West field.
4)female appearing bird with a single red feather over the left eye. This bird seen along the road east side west field.
#2,3,and 4 seen on the 22nd. #1,2,and three seen today.
Dickcissel seen today solo, usually with House Finches.
Plumbeous Vireo was singing loudly in cottonwood an Sycamores along southwest corner
Tom Benson had Palm Warbler middle south lawn and saw it fly into Sycamore.
Now many Am. Pipits west end.
Dave Povey
      Sorry for text from phone. SDG&E shut off my electricity. 

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports