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7:42 pm

Some of us were chatting this evening while at Lake Murray, about passes that senior citizens can get and use. The Golden Bear Limited Use Pass is of great use to me, as it allows day use parking free of charge at our state beaches during the WINTER, and our state parks (Palomar and Cuyamaca) during the winter months. The County Parks Parking Pass is a one-time deal, it does not need to be renewed each year. 

Golden Bear Limited Use Pass

$20 per year

62 and older

good for one calendar year (2024 is up next)

free entry for off-season state parks/forests (state beaches, mountains free

                        during winter)



San Diego County Parks – Parking Pass

  • The following passes apply to Day-Use only.  Passes do not
    apply to camping/extra vehicles.
  • Family Pass to all County parks – $40/year for San Diego County
  • Family Pass to an individual park – $25/year for San Diego County
  • Senior (62+) – FREE for
    San Diego County residents
  • Disabled – FREE for San Diego County (a current California Disabled
    placard will be honored in lieu of a pass at all regional day-use parks)


America the Beautiful –
National Parks Pass

but good for life

Age 62 and older

Good for National Parks, Monuments and Forests –
this includes parking in the Laguna Mountains, day use at Observatory
Campground, Fry Creek Campground, etc.