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Rare Birds – ABC List

The categories in this simple-to-use Rare Birds of San Diego County – ABC List were determined using a hybrid approach, combining the overall number of records for the county with each species occurrence (and "chase-ability"!) in the county during the past 5 or more years.

If a species has not occurred for several years, it may get elevated to the next higher rarity category; conversely, species for which there has been, relatively speaking, a recent abundance of reports may get lowered in rarity category.

Click the link below to download a PDF document of the Rare Birds of San Diego County:

SD County Bird Species List (updated 18 Jan 2024)

Note: Adobe Reader, or a similar PDF viewing/printing software, may be required. Most web browsers will open the document automatically for you to allow printing.

SDFO ABC Rarities

Where shown “ABC” Rarity Listing Codes, a measure of rarity in San Diego County, denote the following:
A+ = One or two records for the county
A = Two or fewer records in the last decade
B = Averages up to about one record annually
C = Averages up to about five records annually
D = Averages up to about ten records annually
E = Rare but regular

Curated by Justyn Stahl and Paul Lehman.
SDFO extends thanks to Guy McCaskie for his assistance and also to BJ Stacey, Barbara L. Carlson, Mark J. Billings, Sara Mayers, Gary Nunn, and Matt Sadowski for help on earlier versions of this checklist.

Added Stejneger's Petrel and Wedge-rumped Storm-Petrel, and adjusted CBRC tags for several species on 18 Jan 2024.
Updated species list based on sightings and ABA naming, and updated ABC rankings on 29 Oct 2023.
Updated order of wrens on 05 Aug 2022.
Updated list to include Red-masked Parakeet and Slaty-backed Gull on 07 July 2022.
Updated ABC ratings for 33 species on 15 Feb 2022.
Added Mexican Duck 10 Dec 2021.  CBRC Review status cleared for 16 species on 18 Jan 2022.
Updated by Justyn Stahl 28 Oct 2021, Barbara Carlson & Gary Nunn on 29 May 2020.

Use search at right to find species, rarity rankings. For rankings, use quotes: "A", "A+", "B", etc. Click on headings to sort. You can also use 4-character bird codes for searching. Reload the page to return to taxonomic order.