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A suggested method of finding Scott’s Orioles at this time of year.

6:40 pm

Hi, All,

I was hiking and birding in Anza Borrego yesterday, and at Mountain Palm Springs the native fan palms were fruiting abundantly.  In both the large groves at this site, I found a male Scott’s Oriole apparently feeding on the fruit.  I’m not sure they actually were, as none of my photos seem to capture either one (couldn’t get shots of the 2nd bird) with a berry in the bill.  Perhaps they were interested in a bug that was interested in the fruit, but again, can’t tell.  Anyhow, it seems a good moment to look for them in stands of Washingtonia filifera.  You might hear them first, as I did, singing more cleanly and melodically than our other orioles.  Below is my check list with photos.  One is a fairly sharp photo of the oriole standing on the fruit, and the other, slightly less sharp ones, are of the oriole not quite actually eating the fruit.

Mountain Palm Springs checklist

Cheers,  Tuck Russell